Lacs de Fenêtre, certainly one of the most epic viewpoints along the road

What It’s Like Running A 100 km+ Ultramarathon

The challenge

The preparation

Preparation has to start early, so conditions for running aren’t always ideal (pictures from March)

The night before

Minutes before the start — still looking happy and fresh.

The race

Photo by Sven Bass on Unsplash
Altitude profile of the course. There are seven peaks to climb, spanning from a couple of hundred meters of ascent to nearly 2,000 m.

If this won’t keep you going…

High and higher

About 60 km into the race, shortly before reaching the Lac de Fenêtre (see above). I don’t remember if I was experiencing a runner’s high at this point, or just faking a smile for the photographer.

Mind your body

One of the many mountain streams we passed. Yes, it’s extremely tempting.

Subjective distance

Fueling (or “What to eat and drink?”)

A typical aid station. There’s usually one for every 10 km, and trust me, they’re heaven on earth.

The aftermath

How I imagined my finish would be like (from a past race).

Le bonheur et l'absurde sont deux fils de la même terre.