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Since its inception, this blog (if indeed that is the right word) has been notoriously short on regular updates and fresh content. The reason for this is simple enough: For better or worse, I prefer articles that look at different aspects of an issue, and in case of doubt would always delay publication instead of putting out something that I’m not entirely convinced of. Combined with the fact that all of this is done in my spare time, this means that the number of published pieces is doomed to remain low, at least for the time being.

Nevertheless, if you’re interested in more input, there is a remedy. Not all of the pieces I’ve written have been published here, and I thought I might as well start collecting the different outlets that feature other contributions of mine. I hope to update this list regularly as time passes.

Many articles did not survive the purging of the websites on which they were hosted, so I’m uploading them here as PDFs:

There are also some articles in German, which presumably will be of less interest for the general public:

Again, not everything is still available online, so here are some articles I managed to rescue:

Needless to say, some of these article are rather old, and I don’t necessarily stand by every word I wrote back then. I might even have a completely changed my mind in some cases! But if nothing else, they offer a fuller picture of my intellectual development, with all its idiosyncratic twists and turns.

Le bonheur et l'absurde sont deux fils de la même terre.